Leather Cuffs
Leather Cuffs
Sky Blue

Leather Cuffs

Cuffs are a fun accessory to add an "Edgy" & "Modern" feel to any outfit.

New Spring/Summer colors

Tan/Beige: The combination may not sound exciting but they are a perfect neutral and compliment jeans and and even summer whites.  These are a smooth cowhide, no hair. They would look stunning layered with a few gold chain bracelets.

Aqua:  Perfectly named, these look like the ocean washing up on a sunny beach. These are a hair on cowhide, and the patterns are stunning.

Sky Blue:  The pictures do not do these justice.  This beautiful sky blue hair on cowhide is smattered with subtle flecks of gold metallic,  just like the sunshine on a beautiful summer day.  When the sun catches the metallic they will have a delicate sparkle.  These will even transition perfectly into evening for a bit of glam.

Lightweight Brass adjustable cuffs

Measurements:  1 1/2 wide 

**Due to the nature of natural cowhide, all cuffs will have different patterns and shading***