My Story

My journey has taken me down so many roads.  As a little girl, I would sit with my grandmother while she sewed.   I was fascinated as to how she could take a stack of fabric and turn it into clothing.  She had no patterns, and always said "The best ideas and patterns are in your head."  Years later, her words  stuck with me.  I created my own designs, drafted some patterns and started a small clothing line. 

It wasn't until I discovered leather that things began to change.  I fell in love with all the unique textures and began designing and making my bags. When creating my pieces,  I incorporate each hides unique characteristics, and natural edges.  Each bag is one of a kind.  

I often shop in small boutiques and always admired the unique leather bags they sold, not mass produced, unique, and original.  Unfortunately, some were  as expensive as  high end designer bags.  I knew I wanted to make bags that had that "boutique" feel but at a more affordable price.  I hand pick each hide, purchase smaller quantities, and make limited production runs. 

 I am forever learning and experimenting with new leathers, and techniques. 

All pieces are  Handmade by myself in my home studio in Michigan.  A true midwest girl, I stay true to my roots and design with classic styles but add modern twist. 

I am so grateful to be able to pursue  my passions.  With the support of my family and friends, life is wonderful and all is possible.